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Plenty Coups and Shot in the Hand Giclee

Plenty Coups and Shot in the Hand Giclee

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The last traditional Chief of the Crow Nation, Plenty Coups was a visionary that led his people from the ?Buffalo Days? into the 20th century. He was an accomplished statesman and ambassador well known by several U.S. Presidents and foreign leaders. Chief Plenty Coups best illustrated the close bond between the U.S. and the Crow Nation when, in 1921, he offered his war bonnet and coups sticks at the dedication of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. In his speech, he promised the allegiance of Crow warriors to fight any enemy of the United States. His promise has been upheld countless times in wars or armed conflicts since that gathering. The Chief was a leader by example ? he was a productive farmer and stockman, expert steward of his 1885 allotment and a supporter of education.


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