• buffalo-junction-24x30-colt-idol

    The New Face of The Old West

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    Buffalo Junction

  • chief-mountain-sundown-20x50-colt-idol

    Chief Mountain Sundown

  • riverwalkers-40x72-colt-idol

    The Crossing

  • glacier-guardian-36x48-colt-idol

    Glacier Guardian

  • riverwalkers-40x70-colt-idol

    The New Face of The Old West

    The Official Site of Colt Idol


  • many-horses-16x20-colt-idol

    Many Horses

The New Face of the Old West

A time that no longer exists merging with a time that is dynamic in its use of color, form, texture, space, and light. 'The West' as we know it from history no longer exists, but 'the West' in this new age allows an opportunity to bring old and new to life. Whether landscape, wildlife or western, my work is emotionally charged through fearless color, tenacious light, and a divergence in contrast. My artistic endeavors are inspired by the history that's right behind us, and the cultures of our ancestors that lived on the very land we live today. My artistic expression lies in highlighting a timeless, symbolic, and ambient West of old, to this new daring and vibrant era in which we live today. - Colt Idol